Chantz Strong

Executive Director of Consumer and Market Intelligence, Destination Canada
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Chantz loves tackling the tough problems - Understanding them, placing them in the broader context, developing sound strategies to move forward, and then rallying others to work together to unlock the potential held within. Chantz joined Destination Canada as the Executive Director of Consumer and Market Intelligence in 2014. Chantz holds a Master’s of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Science from McGill University.

Some defining moments in Chantz’s career include the development of the Visitor Intelligence Platform (VIP), an online data exploration based on credit and debit card data. For the first time, this portal provides partners with the ability to understand the full spend of international tourists in their region. It is a crucial tool in helping regions analyze tourism spend and behaviour. He is a regular contributor to the NorthStar group where he helps our partners understand and apply the latest tourism research to help apply the latest data to solve problems and tackle unique challenges. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chantz taken a broader role in connecting DC’s research with the impact of the pandemic on Tourism and if often called upon by industry stakeholders and government partners to share his knowledge.

Chantz’s favourite Canadian moments capture the balance of all that Canada has to offer from the city to the world. His favourite things include enjoying a still-hot sesame bagel from Fairmont Bagels in Montreal and being kept awake all night by frolicking humpbacks while in Northern BC.